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Features & Benefits

Excellent antibacteral dressing for use on infected wounds

Biotronix Healthcare, Silver Foam Dressing is a silver-ion PU foam dressing with excellent antibacterial effect. It mainly

consists of hydrophilic polyurethane foam substrate and a silver compound. It is indicated for the management of moderate or heavy exudate chronic and acute wounds owing to bacterial infection, including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, second degree burns, donor sites, post-operative wounds and skin abrasions, etc.


• Leg & foot ulcer
• Pressure ulcer
• Traumatic & surgical wounds
• Superficial & partial thickness bum
• Infected chronic wounds


Silver Release

• The silver on the dressing is nested in the PVA coating film in compound state, when the silver compound comes in contact with the exudate, silver ions are ionized, thereby killing bacteria
• The release of silver ions depends on the surface area of the wound, exudate concentration and temperature.



• The product has excellent broad spectrum antimicrobial effects to a variety of bacteria, laboratory tests show that the log reduction can reach at least 4-6 kinds of representative strains of bacteria.
• Antibacterial effect can last up to 7 days.



• The product has a higher liquid absorption amount compared to common silver ion dressings;
• It can quickly absorb large amounts of exudate, to provide a moist healing environment for wound.

Features and Benefits

• Powerful controlled release of ionic silver provides sustained antibacterial effect up to 7 days;
• Inhibits a broad-spectrum of infection up to 99.99% for a wide variety of bacteria;
• Protects wounds from bacterial penetration;
• High absorbent foam pad helps maintain a moist healing environment;
• Longer wear times and pain-free removal.



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