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Features & Benefits

Gentle pain free dressing change and removal

Biotronix Healthcare, Silicone Wound Contact Dressing is an open mesh, soft silicone wound contact layer that allows exudate to pass through to the secondary dressing. Designed for the management of dry to heavily exuding wounds including venous and arterial ulcers, first and second degree burns (partial thickness burns), radiation injuries, abrasions, skin tears, skin grafts, blistering, surgical incisions, diabetic ulcers and lacerations.


• Sufficient tack for the dressing to remain in place;
• Conforms to the wound and retain its position;
• Prevents pain during dressing changes or removal;
• Allows free passage of exudate through the mesh;
• Comfortable & allergy-free


• Traumatic & Surgical wounds
• Skin tears
• Skin conditions, especially blisters
• Graft fixation

• Granulating wounds
• Primary dressing in pressure ulcers and negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT}

& Soft

Able to be cut into various shapes and sizes to fit different wound sites.

100% Open Mesh

Open mesh enables moderate-to-high volumes of excudate to pass through and onto the secondary dressing.

Tlps for using SIiicone Wound Contact Dressing

• Clean the wound in accordance with normal procedured, dry the surrounding skin thoroughly;
• Select an appropriate sized dressing, larger than the wound to ensure contact with the skin;
• Remove the releasing liners and apply the adherent side to the wound. Do not stretch. The dressing should overlap the dry surrounding skin by at least 1-2cm for the smaller sizes and 5cm for the larger sizes;
• Remove the protector material from one side of the product and anchor the adhesive side to the skin;
• Smooth the product over the wound and remove the remaining protector material. If more than one piece of the dressing is required, overlap the dressing, making sure that the holes are not blocked;
• Apply a secondary absorbent dressing on top of the dressing and fixate.


Do not use Biotrionix Healthcare, Silicone Wound Contact Dressing together with oxidizing agent such as hypochlorite solutions or hydrogen peroxide.



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