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Features & Benefits

Hydrogel Dressing

A Hydrogel Dressing is a wound care dressing impregnated with a water-based gel which protects and provides a moist wound-healing environment.  Biotronix Healthcare Hydrogel Dressings are designed to hold moisture on the surface of the wound preventing bacteria and oxygen from reaching the wound thus providing a barrier against infections. Our hydrogel Dressings have the ability to cool the wound surface and due to its high moisture content, protect nerve surfaces.  Biotronix Healthcare Dressings can be used for lightly exuding or granulating wounds but are not suitable for heavily exuding or infected wounds.



• Creates a moist wound environment
• Gentle debridement of tissue
• Prevents bacteria and oxygen from reaching the wound
• Transparent for easy evaluation of wound




Biotronix Healthcare Hydrogel Dressings are used on minor exuding wounds including:

• Minor burns
• Diabetic foot ulcers
• Pressure ulcers
• Minor abrasion
• Skin donor sites


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