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Features & Benefits

Hightly versatile dressing for use on moderate-to-heavy exuding wounds

Biotronix Healthcare, Foam Dressing EO sterilized and composed of soft and highly absorbent polyurethane. Our Foam dressing is permeable to both gases and water vapor. It can quickly absorb wound exudates and maintain a moist environment which accelerates wound healing. It is especially suitable for excessive exuding wounds.


• Several types of forms, shapes and sizes;
• Highly absorbent (more than 10 times of fluid);
• Transmits moisture vapour and oxygen;
• Providing moist environment for would healing;
• Occlusive for bacterial proof;
• Comfortable and conformable.


Absorptive & Protective

Sufficiently flexible and conformable on wounds providing a cushioning effect against mechanical forces and a moist wound environment.


Biotronix Healthcare, Foam Dressing is used for heavily exuding wounds, especially during the inflammatory phase following debridement and desloughing, when drainage is at its peak, including:

• Deep cavity wounds;
• Pressure ulcers;
• Leg ulcers;
• Donor sites;
• Lacerations and abrasions.


• Clean the wound with sterilized saline water, and dry the surrounding skin gently;
• Choose the right size of dressing (1-2 cm over the edge of the wound) to cover the wound acording to the wound area;
• Secondary dressing is necessary when using foam dressing (non-adhesive). Change it timely when the exuduate is approaching the edge of absorbent pad 2 cm inward;
• This product can be retained on wound up to 7 days, the frequency of changing dressing depends on the amount of exudates;
• The foam dressings (Adhesive/Non-adhesive) can be used with Amorphous Hydrogel together, which provides effective autolytic debridement of necrotic tissue.











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