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Endotracheal Tube Accessories

Biotronix Healthcare offers a variety of endotracheal tube accessories to meet all your patient needs.  Comfort and ease of use is what we strive for.


Endotracheal Tube Holder

• Keep endotracheal tube in place without applying tape to the patients face.
• Accommodates multiple-size ET tubes.
• Bite block can protect patient teeth and tube from occlusion
• Allow suction of the oropharynx put into use.






Tracheostomy Tube Holder

• Latex-free, foam-padded cotton for patient comfort.
• Velcro hooks attaching easily to neck flange.
• Wide band tapers at hooks to reduce excess secretion accumulation.
• Soft materials and wide band provide better skin care.



ET Intubation Stylet

• Made of malleable aluminum covered with plastic sheath.
• Soft rounded tip for minimizing patient trauma during intubation.
• Flexible for assistance in intubation.
• Single use, sterile

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