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Features & Benefits

Adult Corrugated Breathing Circuits

Biotronix Healthcare’s adult expandable breathing circuits are lightweight and flexible decreasing the possibility of kinking. Our 22mm expandable tubing allows gas to freely pass and allows the anesthesia machine and other equipment to be located away from the patient’s head. Multiple configurations are available including choice of length of circuit, anesthesia masks, gas sampling lines, filters/HMEF’s, water traps and breather bags to provide a complete cost-effective kit. Custom kits available.

Features & Benefits:

• 22 mm expandable tubing
• Lightweight and flexible
• Allows the anesthesia machine and other equipment to be located away from the patient’s head
• Configurations include choice of mask, breather bag, gas sampling line, filters, HMEF’s, and water traps
• Latex free breathing bags
• Available sizes of breathing circuit lengths from 40” to 120”
• 20 each/case


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