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Features & Benefits

Anesthesia Procedural Trays

The use of Procedural Trays allows healthcare providers to work more efficiently and potentially deliver higher quality healthcare.  They can save hospitals time before, during and after surgery by cutting back on preparation time and making waste removal easier.  Procedural Packs drive up the quality of healthcare and assist healthcare providers to work more efficiently while cutting cost through better inventory management.

Biotronix Healthcare Anesthesia Procedural Trays come conveniently packed with all the components required for each procedure.  Reducing procedural time frame and increasing patient procedural success increases patient safety


Tracheostomy Care Trays

• Towel/Underpad 18” x 13”, paper/paper/poly
• Gloves Transparent, Med, Powderfree w/Wallet
• Trach Gauze Non-Woven, 4” x 4”, 6 Ply
• Trach Brush 5.25”
• Pipe Cleaner 5.5”
• Cotton Tipped Applicator 5”




Suction Catheter Trays

• Chimney Suction Catheter w/ Graduated tubing
• PVS Gloves Transparent, M, Sleeved, 1 PR
• Paper Envelope
• Pop-up Solution Cap
• Paper Pouch

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