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Features & Benefits

Excellent natural dressing for use on heavily exuding wounds

Biotronix Healthcare, Alginate Dressing is a sterilized wound dressing which is composed of calcium alginate, a gelatinous and water- insoluble fibers derived from seaweed. When in contact with a wound, the calcium alginate in the dressing reacts with sodium chloride from the wound. This turns the dressing into a hydrophilic gel-like covering over the wound and maintains a physiologically moist environment that promotes wound healing and the formation of granulation tissue. This Alginate Dressing is very useful for moderate to heavily exudating wounds.


• Highly absorbent;
• Maintain moist environment;
• Easy application and removal;
• Excellent wet strength.



• Surface trauma and local hemostasis
• Moderate to heavily draining wounds
• Cavity wounds
• Pressure ulcers
• Diabetic ulcers
• Venous/arterial leg ulcers
• Post-surgical wounds
• Graft and donor sites

Cavity Packing

The flexible and gentle soft fiber rope is ideal for cavity wound packing.


It is capable of absorbing 10-20 times its weight and mantaining a moist wound healing environment.


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